Hi, I'm Cole Chesnut.
I am a craftsman,
construction manager, and consultant.

Sharing lessons learned in my journeys in construction.


I started as an apprentice carpenter about 25 years ago, achieved the level of journeyman, and eventually people called me a master carpenter. I also have some experience in other building specialties. I still enjoy hands-on building whenever I get a chance.


I’ve been a foreman, superintendent,  project manager, etc. in residential and commercial construction. I build new or remodel existing buildings. I also have some experience with civil works, such as roads, water supply, sewer, and drainage. Sometimes I work on energy and infrastructure projects.


My experience, study, and network have led to a variety of consulting gigs around the world during the past 12 years. I go to locations or work remotely via tech. I try to provide as much value as I can and be flexible to help as needed. I’m really into problem solving and continuous improvement.


I am based in Seattle and I travel to sites around the world providing various construction consulting services.


I have trained hundreds of people to improve their skills, either in the field or the office. Safety, quality, and efficiency can always be improved, and should be, for the betterment of employees and bottom line of employers.


I plan, estimate, schedule, develop and improve systems, and lead the execution of complex projects. Sometimes I get called in late to help clean up and close out messy projects.


I provide 3rd-party due diligence, monitor safety and quality, do compliance audits, and compose objective reports with measurable key performance indicators tailored to the situation.


Don’t just take my word for it – Here’s what some of the people who I’ve worked with say:

…Cole is a pleasure to work with. He has a bright and positive disposition and is respectful of all his contacts.

He has a focused and energetic approach to his work and applies his knowledge to challenges as they come up. He… establishes a great relationship with his customers and team members. He is able to function independently but is accountable for his actions. He takes his responsibilities seriously but maintains a healthy sense of humor. His customers are getting great value for their investment…

Darrell W.

…I would rank him as one the best construction managers I ever worked with.

Cole distinguished himself by consistently providing quality work, on time and within budget. He is a highly intelligent individual and has good analytical and communication skills. When others failed or quit, Cole continued to perform at a high level and with a professional and pleasant attitude…

Brian H.

…Cole has a great personality and commended a lot of respect amongst all members of the company.

Cole’s background in the construction business added to his wide range of computer literacy skills allows for him to stay updated with the latest construction needs and trends. Moreover he showed true character and grit, qualities that are valuable to any company seeking to expand their horizons…

James M.

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Blog – Journeys in Construction: Recent Posts

My blog gives you further insight and helpful information with frequent updates.

Cole Chesnut podcast guest

Podcast Guest

I appeared on a podcast for my first time recently called Monday Morning Coffee. I’ve been listening to it for a few years and finally was invited to be guest.

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Estimates vs Quotations

Estimates vs. Quotations: Which Are Best?

I made a video about Estimates vs. Quotations: Which Are Best? It’s posted on my YouTube channel. You can watch it or read the transcript here.

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Up in the air above the project

Building a Big Roof in a Cyclone Snow Storm – My First Trip to Russia

In 2009, I went on my first trip to Russia working as an international construction consultant. Much later, I finally got around to making a video of that trip. Here it is.

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