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Journeys in Construction

Up in the air above the project

Building a Big Roof in a Cyclone Snow Storm – My First Trip to Russia

In 2009, I went on my first trip to Russia working as an international construction consultant. Much later, I finally got around to making a video of that trip. Here it is.

Contractor and customer making a deal.

How to Find the Best Contractor for Your Construction or Remodeling Project

If you are a homeowner or business person who is looking for guidelines about how to find the best contractor for your construction or remodeling project, this is for you.

House value going up.

How to Add High Value to Your House for Low Cost and Get the Best Real Estate Sale Price

I have remodeled many houses and learned a lot of lessons. Here are some of the best resources and most helpful advice to add high value at low cost. If you plan to sell your house someday, read this before spending too much money on home improvements that may not be worthwhile for real estate sale.

The Construction MBA by Matt Stevens

Book Review: “The Construction MBA: Practical Approaches to Construction Contracting” by Matt Stevens

This is an essential educational textbook, highly recommended for any beginning to intermediate construction project manager or contractor.

Small House in Thailand

Post-Project Review from Construction of a Small House in Chiang Mai, Thailand

When I first started traveling internationally for construction work, I was especially challenged by trying to impose my means and methods on others. Now I try to accept some differences, pick my battles carefully, and be tactful when explaining my reasons. That is a continuous learning process.

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First post here. I enjoy writing about about my journeys in construction and sharing lessons learned. I use this blog to give you helpful information with frequent updates. The graphic word cloud shows some of the topics that I write about.