Journeys in Construction


This is a word cloud of keywords that Cole Chesnut writes about.

First post here. I enjoy writing about about my journeys in construction and sharing lessons learned. I will use this blog to give you helpful information with frequent updates.

The graphic word cloud shows some of the topics that I write about.

There will be posts about hands-on work, tips and tricks, management, leadership, and more. Will tell some stories and jokes too. I will review and recommend some products that I have used, such as books, software, and tools.

I will also explore different ways that other people go on their journeys in construction. Feel free to share your knowledge and experiences. My goal is to show a wide range of possibilities.

Some people have a negative view of construction work, which keeps them out of it, but there are a lot of positives, and it can be a great career for many people. I want to encourage you to do the best you can and keep improving.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please comment.


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