Learn How to Develop Productive Habits and Get the Most Important Things Done ASAP!

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Learn How to Develop Productive Habits and Get the Most Important Things Done ASAP!

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Is This You?

Do you have a hard time organizing all your information, appointments, and priorities?

Is your to-do list out of order with tasks piling up over weeks and months?

Are you overwhelmed by having so much to do with so little time available?

If you answered yes to any of those, then this FREE video course is for you!

With the simple methods shown in this video course, you can put yourself on the path to becoming a more productive person.

This will also show you where to find and how to use some of the best tools for organiziation, time management, and productivity.

In just one hour, you’ll learn how to organize, prioritize, plan ahead, track your progress, and ultimately develop habits to make you more productive.

How These Lessons Helped Me and Many Other People

I remember being younger and trying a bunch of different ways to improve my life, including some motivational pep talk stuff. What worked best for me was figuring out logical approaches, instead of just thinking positive thoughts and such. I wasn’t trying to find the secret to happiness, I was trying to be as effective as possible at achieving goals. That’s what satisfies me.

I’ve always worked hard, organized to-do lists, and tried to be more efficient, but it took me a while to learn in depth about intention, which is a mindset of commitment to affective action, not only now, but also in the future.

About 15 years ago, I started digging into these techniques, little by little, learning more from different sources as I went along. I went from struggling with my life and barely being able to lead a few people on one small project, then a few years later to managing multiple complex projects and leading over 200 people. Plus, having more available free time to use as I choose. I never quite imagined that possibility before.

I’ve taught other people to use these methods too and watched them achieve great things. Some of them have surpassed me and I am really glad for them. That’s awesome to see!

This is the Real Deal

These methods are tested and proven to work. These are not typical clickbait “productivity hacks.”

It’s not a polished Hollywood production and, honestly, it’s kind of cheesy, but it can be really valuable if you put it into practice.

This video course is designed to help you boost your organizational skills and productivity in just a few steps. This is a series of methods, simplified for easy understanding and condensed for quick learning.

I want to share with anybody who wants to learn.

It’s FREE!

Productivity Methods
Video Course Playlist Details

The whole video course is just 1 hour long, divided into 9 parts.

Productivity Methods – 01 – Introduction – (4:34)

Before we dive into the course, this will set the stage for the rest of the videos. You will be given a quick overview so that you can understand the direction of what is ahead. This will show you the big picture, which will make implementation a lot faster.

Productivity Methods – 02 – Productivity Mind Map – (4:35)

Using a Productivity Mind Map is a great way to help maximize your brain’s thinking capacity by decluttering your mind, thereby increasing your focus. It’s also a fantastic technique to get your creative juices flowing.

Productivity Methods – 03 – Defining Your Priorities (Time Management Matrix) – (9:47)

Before you start planning your to-do list, it is essential to know how to properly define your priorities. In this video, you will learn about the Time Management Matrix and how to effectively prioritize your tasks in the most efficient way.

Productivity Methods – 04 – How to Schedule and Create Your To-do List – (6:44)

Now that you have effectively defined your priorities, it’s time to learn some innovative techniques to help set up, schedule, and keep track of your to-do list.

Productivity Methods – 05 – The 80/20 Rule – (4:37)

The 80/20 rule can be applied in numerous ways, in business, study, or everyday life. It is a prioritization method that many successful individuals apply to maximize effectiveness. This video explains what it is and how it can help you be more productive.

Productivity Methods – 06 – Tools – (4:50)

This video shows where you can find two of the best digital tools for getting organized, and gives you an overview of how you can use them to help improve your productivity habits.

Productivity Methods – 07 – Wunderlist Demo – (10:36)

Wunderlist is one of the best applications to create and track to-do lists, helping you to get things done, and it works well for collaborating with other people. This video shows you how to access and use this awesome program.

Productivity Methods – 08 – Evernote Demo – (7:59)

Evernote is one of the leading applications for organizing files and notes in your digital workspace, and it has a variety of other potential uses. Here, you will learn helpful tips and tricks on how to make the most out of this system.

Productivity Methods – 09 – Productive Habits – (8:07)

Getting started with organizing your tasks is one thing, but sustaining positive energy and continuing your progress is another. Learn simple yet effective everyday techniques to keep your productive flow going, as well as tips on how to avoid falling back into the bottomless pit of chaos.

Awww, yesss.


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